Aircraft Hire

At Border Air, we own a well maintained fleet of Aeroplanes (C152, PA28 Warrior & a PA28 Arrow III).

All our prices are inclusive of VAT, we believe our member deserve to know the full facts before they commit themselves to our flying courses so NO hidden costs.

Pay As You Go Carlisle


Training Rate

Solo Hire

Landing Fee: £15.00 Arrow: £21.75

Touch & Go: £6.50

Pay As You Go Cumbernauld


Training Rate

Solo Hire

Landing Fee: £16.50

Touch & Go: £8.30

Pay As You Go Oban


Training Rate

Solo Hire

Landing Fee: £5.00

Touch & Go: £5.00

Training Rate - Student under training

Solo Hire - Pilot licence holders


Membership is required to have access to the schools facilities and prices as below for the Self Fly Hire, Training Rates & Groundschool.



Flight Training Finance
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