EASA Changes

Do you hold a NPPL? If you do are you aware of the rule changes next year? 

If you hold a NPPL with SSEA rating you are allowed to fly EASA registered aircraft until the 8th of April 2018. From then on your NPPL will only be valid to fly Annex II non-EASA aircraft. 


The CAA have issued a statement saying that current brexit negotiations has no effect on the legal requirement to convert your licence to an EASA one.


You can convert your NPPL to an EASA LAPL or PPL. The easiest is converting to an EASA LAPL, requirements are:

  • Hold a NPPL with SSEA
  • Hold valid medical, LAPL, Class 1 or 2
  • Less than 6 Hours PIC since SSEA issue, fly 10 hours PIC before taking passengers on your LAPL
  • SSEA not current, do a proficiency check with an examiner before exercising the privileges of your LAPL

You can also upgrade to an EASA PPL, this does require extra training and a new skills test. Requirements:

  • Satisfy NPPL(SSEA) to LAPL(A) conversion requirements
  • Satisfy LAPL(A) to PPL(A)(SEP) conversion requirements; 15 hours of training + Skills Test
  • Hold valid Class 1 or 2 Medical

Of course you will have to pay a fee to the CAA to convert your licence, currently it's £41,- for an LAPL and £73,- for a PPL.


Whilst there are no changes for microlight pilots, this is the best time to add the SSEA to your licence. After the 7th of April you will have to do the full LAPL syllabus of at least 30 hours flight training. If you do it now the requirements are as follows:

  • Hold a NPPL
  • >32 Hours experience
  • Conversion training as determined by an instructor of at least
    • 1 Hour Dual Instrument appreciation
    • 2 Hours Stall/Spin awareness and avoidance training
    • Extra differences training for flexwing microlight pilots
  • Pass theoretical exams: Aircraft General Knowledge & Principles of Flight
  • Pass NPPL Navigation Skills Test and General Skills Test

Convert your NPPL now so that you can keep the cost low and aren't forced to take a break from flying next season.

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