Border Air 25 Years

of providing commercial air services and flight training.
Including aerial surveys, photography, air charters and scenic flights,
from Carlisle, Cumbernauld and Oban Airports.

Air Charter

We can fly you to an airport closer to your destination than the airlines. We can offer flights to suit your requirements.

Aerial Survey

Experienced in aerial photography, survey and filming.

Flight Training

More than 25 years experience in flight training. We have trained privates pilots to airline captains. We provide flight training for the LAPL & PPL and their ratings.

Latest News & Articles

  • Advanced TrainingSo you have achieved your PPL or LAPL and have done some flying, but are keen to improve your skills. Looking to improve your skill set and confidence to become a more competent pilot.Variable Pitch PropellerTo fly aircraft with a variable pitch or constant speed propeller, like the Piper Arrow, requires a sign off in your logbook by an instructor. This will allow you to legally fly any aircraft with a variable pitch propeller.Retractable GearAdditional training required to safely fly an aircraft with retractable gear. To fly an aircraft with retractable gear requires you to be signed off. We…

  • LAPL vs PPL

    LAPL or PPL? When starting out in aviation one of the first questions asked is what license are you training for? The LAPL or PPL?  First let's bust the myth, an LAPL does not make you a lesser pilot than PPL holder. Both licences allow you to fly most of the popular single engine aircraft out there, such as the Cessna 172, Piper Warrior or Arrow. They both allow you to take passengers on your flights, so you can make day trips with family and friends. So how to choose which license to go for? First ask yourself why do…

  • Ground school is an important stage of flight training for a modular student or recreational pilot. It lays the important foundations of flying and navigational skills that will be built upon for the rest of your flight training and the whole of your flying career. All too often the theory is considered a tick the box exercise instead of a way of instilling knowledge into the aspiring pilot. Knowledge that will help keep you safe and right.We offer a variety of options from a full time weekly course to a evening support class. The evening classes have been divided into the following…

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  • Border Air Carlisle

    Carlisle Lake District Airport
    Hangar 30
    Crosby On Eden
    CA6 4NW

  • Phone

    01228 573490

  • Border Air Cumbernauld

    Cumbernauld Airport
    Duncan Mcintosh Road
    G68 0HH

  • Phone

    01236 734672

  • Border Air Oban

    Oban Airport
    North Connel
    Argyll & Bute
    PA37 1SW

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